Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Protein Fluff

I am constantly seeking quick ways to make low calorie snacks that actually taste good. And since I'm kitchen-challenged, I normally fail (even if the recipe is extremely straightforward). That's why I was so enthused when I read about an easy-to-make snack that promotes weight reduction and muscle growth. Appears too good to be the truth? Well, that was my initial thought when I read about the delicious snack, protein fluff.

What's protein fluff?

Protein fluff is a light, airy combination of protein powder as well as a couple additional ingredients such as milk and fruit. It is made by blending the ingredients together and then letting the mix sit. I first found out about it on and after tasting it I couldn't figure out why it wasn't more well-known.

Casein protein powder: The foundation of protein fluff

It's essential to use casein protein powder in order to achieve a perfect consistency. Casein proteins actually thicken in your stomach so food digestion takes a lot longer. It could be possible to use a different variety of powder, but casein absolutely creates the most thick and creamy fluff.

You can find Casein Protein at a nearby shop or on the internet for about $ 25 per 2 pounds (not a bad deal).

Protein fluff recipes

Below is the protein fluff recipe that I've been enjoying (it was initially featured on LeanGains).


- 40 grams of Casein Protein Powder

- About 200 grams of mashed fruit (my favorite is strawberries)

- 2 ounces of fat-free milk

How To Make It:

1. Combine all the ingredients in a dish

Just pour all the ingredients specified above in a mixing bowl and stir for several minutes.

2. Use a mixer/blender on the strongest setting for 5 minutes

I have had luck using both a mixer and blender.

3. Let it stand for about 10 minutes

This is when it'll start to puff out and look extremely fluffy.

Video Instruction on how to make perfect protein fluff

Watch the videos below for further direction on how to make your own protein fluff at home. Their recipes differ slightly from the one I listed. I recommend trying all the variants before deciding which is your personal favorite.

Protein Fluff Video #2:

How to use protein fluff to lose weight and gain muscle

If you're looking to gain muscle it's best to eat the protein fluff right before you go to bed. Not only does it make a great late night snack, the casein will slowly break down while your sleeping.

If you're trying to use protein fluff to lose weight then you should replace your breakfast with one serving. A typical serving fills you up and is only 200 calories.

In Summary:

Protein fluff is a perfect way to cut your calorie intake without sacrificing flavor and taste. It is perfect for anyone that wants healthy options for their morning meal or other meals.

If you have any concerns or you desire to share your own protein fluff recipes, leave a comment below. And checkout my health and fitness blog for more diet advice for the busy man or woman.